December Island Trip 2 – Day 2

Merry Christmas, All!! It was another day of what we came here for. We slept in, enjoyed a late brunch, delighted in the gifts our family showered us with, took that hike to the top of our AN property, where indeed the mountain was out to the east, and visited in various ways with our family.

I particularly enjoyed walking the creek back into the woods, dreaming of cultivating it as a landscape feature. I’m reading a book on woodland gardens that encompasses everything from private property owners to municipalities and counties. We have a lot of open acreage here, which is amazing, and the idea of thoughtfully re-treeing parts of the property with deciduous and broadleaf trees will make for lovely vistas.

A slow cooked pot roast, done in my mama’s beautiful Dutch oven, is now done. It smells amazing. Today could only be better if we were sharing this meal with our family.

Count your blessing, extend your reach to those less fortunate, God bless you. 🎄❤️⛄️

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