December Island Trip 2 -Day 3

It would not be a trailer stay without plumbing surprises. The plumber’s putty in the left side kitchen sink failed last night. There were drips, rather than a flood, in the cabinet under the sink. We diagnosed quickly and made a hardware store list. Next was one of the ‘skylights,’ which opens like a clam shell and has a fan that will either pull or push air. Suddenly it was dripping! Granted, it had been raining foxes and rabbits for hours, but what the heck! My DH loosened the cover, and then cinched it down. It felt like it snugged up a little tighter than it had been. We wiped up the water off the housing and table, and strategically placed a couple of bowls under the skylight. This morning everything was dry.

My DH dismantled the kitchen sink plumbing. We checked two of the skylights. From a ladder their weather stripping looks good. A trailer is like a convertible, it’s gonna leak here and there.

We had a long list to exercise at the hardware store. I’m starting to work on insulating areas behind cabinets and drawers. There are drafts… It is December… There’s a soap dish in the shower enclosure that needs to come out, but only when we have a water tight caulk to put the screws back in through the shower wall… Lots of little details that help us settle in, and bring Stella and us together.

The kitchen sinks are beautifully re-plumbed, the bathroom sink cabinet has some repurposed ensolite pad keeping drafts at bay. We will work on two insulation, and one lighting project tomorrow. Oh, and continue to relax!

We’re about to roll into delicious leftovers. Happy Boxing Day!

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