December Island Trip 2 – Day 4

We are turning into lazy bums. It was almost 10:30 before we got up this morning! This gave us an hour before we were due to meet up with a neighbor to go for a walk. Granola to the rescue!

We walked up the first lane off of our road. This lane didn’t exist when I was a kid, and it’s PAVED!! There’s a lot of swank going on up this lane. 10’s of millions of dollars of swank in some cases. When you get to the end of the road you run into the villa that between the land development, utility installation, the buildings and their finishes, had to cost many 10’s of millions of dollars. The owners don’t live there and have tried to sell the property four times, the first time just two years after it was built. When one can afford such excesses, you don’t want to buy another wealthy person’s idea of grandeur. You will create your own. We paused to take in the views. It was great to be with our friend today in what seems like the only safe way to do so: masked up, outside, six feet apart.

After some lunch, my DH worked through, in logical sequence, all the ways we could enjoy the football game. We’re running my tablet and phone on SIM chips from the only carrier that gets a reliable signal on the Island. My DH then connects to either of these devises to gain a signal on his phone. The connectivity ebbs and flows… If I use the devise he’s connected to, his connection goes sideways. We are in the middle of a long-winded high school-style science experiment when it comes to staying in touch with the world. Weather plays a part, as does 12-volt ;->. In the end FM radio provided the audio, and provided the visual on my DH phone while connected to my tablet. And then there’s this cool devise he bought that attaches his phone to the 1999 12-volt powered (descent) stereo system in the trailer. So I was able to listen to the game while sewing Velcro dots onto the curtain edges in the bedroom!

We spent more time than seemed necessary to find our 12-volt fuses. Without going into mad detail into the hunt, they were found behind the drawer under the couch in the front of the couch. To access them, we have to collapse the tables, and remove everything from the wee living space floor in order to remove the huge drawer from under the couch. Then I will spelunk under the couch to reach the fuses in order to temporarily remove the fuse that powers the Las Venus style light sconces in the bedroom. My DH will replace the sconces with some sleek, cone shaped, LED fixtures that will actually shed enough light to read by!!

We just arranged to stay an additional night. We’re balancing our relaxing (lazing) with our accomplishments. We want more of each.

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