December Island Trip 2 – Day 5

We continued our lazy ways by sleeping in yet again, and not finishing breakfast until after noon. We’ve discovered that only one of the three burners on the stove is adjustable. The other two have one setting: HOT NOW! It makes cooking a farmer’s breakfast slow with only one useful burner. The toast oven keeps things warm as they come off the stove. This bears a little research. I would dearly love it if all three burners were adjustable.

The location of our 12-volt fuses remains a mystery. They were not in the box under the couch we spied yesterday. After a conversation with our Trailer Doctor yesterday, we got brave and threw the 12-volt kill switch this afternoon. My DH replaced the bedroom sconces with some that are in much better keeping with the Airstream aesthetic, and actually shed light.

While my DH worked on lights, I furthered my insulating project. We still need to address the back exterior storage compartment (which our bed sits atop), and the ‘toe-kick’ under the kitchen sink cabinet.

We turned off the furnace and space heater in order to open each window in turn to wipe the condensation off the interior glass, from the outside. There are permanently installed screens between on the interior. Unlike in a house, in a trailer the entire window opens, so there’s no access to the window from the inside of the coach. We’re going to buy a dehumidifier for this time of year when, literally, occupants’ breathing, cooking and showering, can cause unwanted condensation inside the coach.

We have an ambitious agenda for tomorrow. Nothing to arduous, but a lot of items on the list. The poop cam is charging!

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