December Island Trip 2 – Day 6

Today’s fun included:

  • Measuring for structure to protect Stella from the forest behind her… I’ve mentioned the gale force winds that whip about the Island. Further we measured the skylights and fans for some sort of insulation, and the big closet for a future piece of furniture.
  • We got the insulation under the bed done! This was quite an undertaking that required exact cutting of foam board insulation. Foam board insulation would rather turn into fake snow than be cut with precision… My DH also perfectly cut a piece of this unruly substance for under the kitchen sink. Drafts be gone!
  • Adjusting Stella’s level took very little time, and she actually looks better with her tush an inch lower.
  • And what everyone is waiting to hear about!! We did deploy the poop cam! What we learned is the slicer valve is moving. What we didn’t learn is why the tank isn’t draining fully, even when encouraged to. We’re going to source and buy an external slicer valve. This will bypass the slow leak problem and allow us to employ some chemical treatments that might fix things. If not, then we have to hire someone who is above our pay grade!

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