December Island Trip 2 – Day 7

We woke up to very strong winds, which made opening the trailer door against the wind challenging at times. With two of us working on it, it takes 2-hours to shut down Stella and the property. Probably less if our stay hadn’t been over a holiday. Our AN stopped by to deliver new propane hoses, and consult over the mad condensation we experienced. His fix for this is to go to Palm Springs 😂. Ours is to buy a little dehumidifier!

We put the car in line and then split up to procure lunch (cod tacos) and high-grade lox ‘scraps’ from the local grocery, which I’ve never found anywhere else. Likely a local Island product. The boat was a little late, probably due to the high winds… You know it’s been a doozy of a boat ride when your car windshield has salt water spray on it, and you were parked halfway down the port side of the vessel, rather than the front.

We drove down the aforementioned island, stopping at my fav mixed media shop, and caught another ferry to our town. One of our cats scolded us for 5-minutes from a fence, in the dark, as we unpacked the car before agreeing to come in. We’re 80% put away, and a load and a half of laundry is done. The cats have spent time in each of our laps within feet of each other twice this evening! A non-drought shower is next. Successful Mission.

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