New Year’s Eve

We spent parts of the day continuing to make the shift from country to suburban life. We each had an appointment (mine was virtual), and I did a swift and thorough shopping trip at our Korean market. I don’t believe they’re enforcing our state’s 25% occupancy mandate. The place was packed, and I had the ‘willies.’ I grocery shopped at Trader Joe’s before Christmas, who absolutely enforced the 25% mandate. You waited outside and were metered in as other’s exited.

We had a different sushi dinner this evening. The market was out of fresh sashimi, and so I bought different frozen sashimi items. Some things were fine, others were indifferent. What it did was expand our horizons to cuttle fish and clam!

We’re aiming to stay up until midnight to usher this year out. And yes, the New Year in. I will never say that 2021 will be better than 2020. That feels like tempting fate, and I’m not talking about a mutating virus. Now more than ever we will depend on grocery and supply delivery.

Today was hard… It’s the first New Year’s Eve in my memory that my mama and I will not say to each other, “See you next year!” I also hit the ‘publish’ button on Elvis’ adoption page though a website I vetted re rehoming pets. Not being compelled to hunt another cat housemate will be a much better situation for him, and it kind of breaks my heart to think of him reorienting to yet another home. He is a sweet boy with his humans.

May the New Year be full of blessing for you and your family.

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