A View to the New Year

I’ve been thinking on how to approach the New Year, as it starts tomorrow, its first day of business. One does not dare assume it’s a new fresh chapter, a new beginning. We are not going to traipse into the theaters and concert halls… I want to feel optimism and I am too smart to set myself up for emotional downfall, even with the vaccine starting to get out and about. I see too much division, and am about to assign myself a writing assignment: 50 times. “I will not engage with those who remain willfully ignorant.” And it’s so hard. Social media is ripe with easy pickings! As are acquaintances, and those who wander the store wearing masks incorrectly if at all. I am discouraged.

I am wary of the vaccine… I am also way down on the list of those who are eligible to get it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a ‘vaxer.’ And find antivaxers moronic, uneducated, and have even accused them as being responsible for manslaughter. I have a child who cannot take the whooping cough vaccine. She reacted. She depends on herd immunity, and all these fuckwits aren’t vaccinating their kids. As soon as we see that this Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t cause problems, in the shorter term (6-months?), I’ll feel better about taking it. Climbing off my soap box.

Tomorrow I’m going to send a condolence card, work on a quilt, gather the lists and prioritize (for real, really) short and long-term goals, and then commit to the long-term. Short-term is easy. If there’s a break in our weather, I’ll garden or walk for 30-minutes. This to take care of myself. Taking time off has been amazing. Plotting how to reengage with life in a way that doesn’t overwhelm feels really important.

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