Dad’s Photo Archives

This is how my brain works…

I spent the morning working on taxes. This had me in and out of a filing drawer and a banker’s box of files (destine for under the house). Back and forth as I gathered data, and plugged it into my Excel workbook. Each time I was finished with a file from the drawer, it could go into the banker box. Suddenly the file drawer was down to what had to stay in it plus a batch of docs I need to keep around (not in a box under the house) for posterity. These docs fit handily in the bottom of four file drawer. When I was done with tax work (for the day), I turned to the drawer that was full of dad’s photographic archives.

Mind you this is only one drawer. There are thousands of pictures, slides and negatives aside from what’s in the drawer. I was able to objectively go through, almost 8-years after his passing, the entire drawer and get rid of about half the contents. I left messages for two people asking if they’d like the negatives/slides dad took. There was a lot of art shots for folks I don’t know and am not going to track down, including catalog work for shops on the Island that have since closed. Each time I threw something out, I had to tell myself, out loud, why it was OK.

So, now I have probably less than two drawers worth of files in four file drawers (two cabinets stacked on top of each other). I got to thinking, “Wouldn’t a lateral file cabinet be a nice upgrade?”

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