Next Island Trip

Is at the end of the month. I was hoping to get up earlier, and there are lots of little reasonable reasons to wait. One is that our conservation district plant-sale pick-up is before heading to the Island, and most of the plants I bought are for the property. This way I can plant when I’m there, rather than nurse them along for 6-8 weeks until I go again. All plants are deer resistant!!

Another reason is weather… I had planned to head up this coming week, and our greater region is looking at snowmagdedon at the end of this week into the weekend. While the Island, and even our home, doesn’t seem to be in harms way, there is a code on the Island: Do not drain the resources of a small community… Meaning were I to ‘choose’ to get stuck there (water transportation is not a given in poor weather), I’d be using resources (food, fuel, sundries, and possibly medical) that full-timers have (in my thinking) dibs on. Everything is ferried over to the Island: Food, fuel, salt for the frozen roads, medications, all supplies… The airport can deal with an 8ish passenger plane… Nothing is getting flown in any volume. It’s a lens I’ve only just started to look through as a part-timer.

We have a stack of things in the garage for the next trip. It’s getting taller and taller! We keep thinking one of these trips all we’ll have to do is toss our clothes, returning towels, and the cooler into the car… Possibly in a year. This trip will include a sweet narrow multi-drawer dresser of Jane’s that will fit into Stella’s huge closet, making the space so much more efficient. There’s also dry goods (we in da wild-wild west!!) paper supplies that are much less expensive to buy on the mainland, a roll of large bubble wrap for continued insulation projects, and, among lots of other things, a couple of external slicer valves to solve our black water tank woes.

We’ve been home from our last trip for 6-weeks. I am eager to return, and am so engaged here. Garden planning is in full swing here, and I want to figure out perennial crops on the Island… Reestablishing deer proof fencing comes first… Fencing on the Island, Veggies on the mainland. Invest in the first safe and viable transporter idea 😜 !!

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