Snowmageddon arrived early yesterday evening. We have a drift on our upper deck that’s deep enough (14”) that I want to give it a name. Accumulation, while due to wind is hard to judge, is approaching 10”. We spent an astonishing amount of time today watching the birds enjoying the suet feeder. My DH refilled it early afternoon. It was the happening place.

Snow, a 2-3 times a year event here, when it’s serious, slows us down. Suddenly the backdrop of our garden and surrounding open space becomes monochromatic and we’re able to observe so much more than usual. Every time a bird dropped from the feeder to the ground it grabbed my attention. Without snow, they are disguised! The cat watched from the window with us. After two ambulations in the white fluff, he was quite happy to leave the birds to their cold environs.

The wood stove is meeting the challenge of our 28 degree exterior temps. It’s kind of romantic, in a 21st century way. We don’t have to go anywhere, we’re augmenting our heat with wood, the landscape is serene. It offers a reason to isolate that’s actually physically tangible. This much snow, even with a Subaru, makes going anywhere (which we don’t do much of ~ groceries), ill advised. It’s a ‘seen’ danger we don’t risk venturing into.

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