The snow is 88% gone. It was in the mid-40’s today, and the sun came out enough to cast weak shadows. I love the snow, and it felt amazing to hunt for potting soil, in all the usual places, without returning indoors needing to defrost my hands. And while I have three different bagged soils, none of them are potting soil 😂.

Two big wins today were to get a good start on the taxes, and to post and find homes for a number of things we no longer use. Taxes are a little wistful… While there is the estate return to prep, this is also the last year I will do mom’s return. I have one question in to the CPA regarding mom’s return before I get it done, and have a few docs to gather from our bank (should the website be so kind as to cough them up) before getting ours to the 97% level.

As a prelude to our kitchen remodel, we are going through the cabinets, without making ourselves crazy, and editing. Not in Marie Kondo style, but being seriously real with ourselves. IE, No, I am never going to make myself GF English muffins. Glutino does a great job, and while a little expensive I am not going to reinvent that wheel. So, after half a decade (at least) the unopened baking rings have found a new home!

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