Digital Photobook

I’m in the middle of creating a digital photo album of mom’s last 3+ years. I’m stuck… Mostly due to the limitations of the website. The photo upload process went well, but you can’t organize the pictures on the website. I’d like to create the album by subject: Outings, Friends, Family, Activities etc. The upload, of course, is chronological without any discernible way to organize the pictures, and makes you scroll back and forth to choose pictures. The software wants to load the pictures in the order they were uploaded… My patience is dicey to begin with. I did ‘vet’ a batch of these websites. Not well enough, evidently.

The pictures I have, many thanks to the Activity Directory who was at the community while mom was there, are a delight. they let me know, emotionally, that care was absolutely the correct choice for my mom. Intellectually, it’s a big DUH, but as kids we question our choices… Lots of joy and sass on her face!

Always time for Sushi…
The Gambler!
Piratical Mama!
Artist Mama!

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