Launch Day

This morning we head to the Island, very early. Because I had the opportunity to do 6-hours of continuing education geared for small forest owners yesterday, most of the trip prep was done late last week. Groceries, packing the right clothes, and more importantly, the right books, etc. My intrepid husband stays one night and then returns home to work his day job. We are, finally in line for StarLink, and switched over to T-Mobile (no more split personalities for my devices). Once the cell towers on the Island are blessed with 5G we are hoping he’ll be able to work from there. StarLink will pretty much guarantee that ability.

My DH undertook picking up the conservation district plants for me yesterday afternoon. It took hours and I owe him big time! Plant sale + Pandemic = Very Slow Moving Lines of Cars. He is extremely good natured about such things.

While not routine yet, because we’re still shlepping so much stuff back and forth each trip, this departure feels more relaxed than prior trips. At this juncture we just have to finish tossing things into the cars and go. We have 30-minutes, and the hard-boiled eggs are already peeled 😜 ! It’s warm (mid-40’s), and I’m looking forward to the drive.

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