2021 Feb/March Island Trip Day 2

I met with our AN yesterday to plot our work today. More on that later, if I can move when we finish up. Thank Gawd we are all in violent agreement about a lunch break!

The day started early with my DH catching a ferry and returning to reality. One of the thing I like about time on the Island is I can focus entirely on what I choose. Sure, there are responsibilities, but they, unlike tax returns, are completely of my choosing/making. Day two looked like this:

  • I planted 10 trees (saplings), three ferns, and six bunches of nodding onions.
  • I inspected the 60ish foot downed cypress at the bottom of the property. A baby shoreline got planted at its base.
  • The oil for the mower is drained.
  • The site for today’s work got looked over. It is a march… I raked a bit and coiled up a long hose that belongs to my AN, who has used our ground wells in the past.
  • The deer show no signs of timid ness, and indeed are 10-feet away from the trailer as I type.
  • I dug out as much as the creek channel as I could, not wearing boots.
  • I also attempted to start one of the burn piles, but without a propane torch, it’s impossible.

Time to get back to my bonfire, before my muscles start to stiffen up… Advil is in order first…

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