2021 Feb/March Island Trip – Day 6

I woke to impressive winds trying to push Stella around. She, in her 6500 pound glory, was pushing back. Gusts made the stove’s vent cover flap (something for the list), and I could ‘feel’ the wind against the trailer, much like the house. It was an effort to open her door. That’s how hard it was blowing.

Closing up went easily. In part because I was bringing back ‘normal’ things: laundry, books I’m reading, laptop, firewood etc… I think (hope!) this is the last trip where we’re bringing up large amounts of supplies/furnishings.

We have solved our black tank problem with the external slicer valve. I will not relay the details, that only a septic professional or 8-year old boy-child would find fascinating. Let’s just say we do not have a ‘pyramid clog’ in the tank any longer. For this we give a tremendous amount of thanks.

The ferry crossing, which I thought would be a rollercoaster ride, started out very tame. I settled down for a nap, and woke up to the boat (a ferry that carries 100’s of cars) breaching. The muddy truck, parked on the down slope of the second level, was 10 feet up and at least 40 feet back from the bow, was splashed with water. This is the first crossing I’ve made (over a 48-year period) where the crew announced a ‘Please return your seats to the upright position, and do not move about the cabin’ sort of message. They said they didn’t want anyone to fall… The truck deserves a wash, inside and out.

I took my scenic drive home, stopping at the mixed media store, where they know my name. On top of finding some lovely paper, the owner is selling a map case. I have been looking for a map case, to store large format papers my parents gave me, for almost a year. If the truck hadn’t been full of firewood I would have bought it on the spot. My mom used to say, ‘The universe works in mysterious ways,’ and this gives me an opportunity so see if this large piece will fit into our mostly full home.

Map Case 48” x 32” x 32”

I got home just before 6PM. The ease of closing up was supported by the ease of unpacking the truck (firewood being the exception 😜). My DH is finishing making a pizza with a Trader Joe’s kale and broccoli crust (a delicious guilt free way to enjoy pizza!), and salad for dinner. The trip was very productive, and I am glad to be back home.

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