My first husband bought my first Cuisinart food processor for me BC, before children, between 38 and 40 years ago. I used it extensively. Just as we do today, back then we cooked in a serious way. The food processor eased many a task. Almost 33 years ago, as our family was growing, he upgraded me to the largest, and then considered, commercial grade model. We gave our first Cuisinart to my mom. This new larger processor saw intense use, particularly as the kids started on their own cooking journeys. Over a number of years we acquired every accessory made for the big Cuisinart.

Over the last number of years the Cuisinart has seen less use, has still been an important appliance in my arsenal of kitchen gadgets. The connective pieces on the bowl that enabled it to run, were getting fragile. Cuisinart no longer makes a replacement bowl for this model. They can be found on Etsy for over $100. This didn’t feel like a good investment in a 32+ year-old machine. I found a new home for the Cuisinart and all of its accessories about a month ago. I missed it fairly quickly. Today I went to Wm Sonoma, and after a slamming discount, and gift certificate, picked up a replacement that will do what I need it to for $135. It’s capacity is 70% of what its predecessor’s was. It comes with three blades rather than a dozen. It’ll do everything I need it to.

After mom went into care, and before I leased out the Island house, I cleaned up the Cuisinart we’d given to her, placed it on the Island Facebook sales board, and found it a new home for a little bit of money. At that point it was 37-years old and still ticking.

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