Photo Gear and Periodicals

I’ve shared how our home has morphed into an estate staging area. Three of our five bedroom, three closets, and a small piece of the billiard room are dedicated to archives, books, photos, photo gear and accessories, periodicals, etc… In the last few months it’s been possible to visualize two of the bedroom consolidating into one! Two things happened today that may help to further that goal:

The serious photo club folk who are interested my my dad’s gear reached out, after having received their Covid vaccines, and are going to come this week to go through the collection. This represents about 35 cubic feet of space! 😳 What’s important is that they want to buy the collection and get it into circulation. This is what I’ve done with so much of dad’s art minded gear, and what I think he would want. That these goals are achieved, I’ll receive a little money, AND regain some space is fantastic! I’m going to upgrade my very old (by digital standards) camera body with the proceeds.

I spent a lot of time looking for a home for mom’s almost complete collection of American Indian Art magazines. Universities, museums, and tribal cultural centers. Our local tribal cultural center wrote back saying they could use the collection!! I am delighted, as mom would be. They’re even going to pick it up. Another 6-7 cubic feet ;->

Both of these resolutions coming in today, the day that mom’s estate is supposed to ‘auto-close,’ with the court (meaning no action needed), feels so synergistic. I don’t want to sound like it’s all about the space… It’s been about feeling stalled on being actionable about items that I know others find value in… Patience Grasshopper.

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