I mentioned to my DH that the camera folks and the tribal center librarian suddenly being able to buy/adopt items that were important to my parents, felt like a sign… An easing of the stress load, as well as the physical load in the house, in the same week that the estate closed. It’s only Wednesday, and a few other things have happened that support my dive into this little bit of woo-woo:

  • I embarked on a 15-year refi of our mortgage yesterday as part of our overall financial planning. The algorithms approved us instantly, and today we found out that the bank is waiving the appraisal. This allows me to toss a long OCD driven list I created last night. You know, GI the windows, baseboards, clear every counter, put the cat’s toys away, clean the wood-burning stove, make the garage shine… A double blessing… We don’t have to pay for the appraisal, nor do I have to feel compelled to do tasks that aren’t required. Should all things remain the same with our accelerated principle pay down, we’ll have our mainland home paid off in 7.5 years.
  • In doing mom’s taxes, her one stimulus payment created a tax credit! I researched this online, and TurboTax is correct.
  • The Island county has finally changed the title of the property into my name. It’s taken months. Covid slows everything down. S’ok. Mist clouded my eyes when I saw the change online. I’ve asked the Island insurance broker to change the policy, and for us to pause and make sure the property is adequately covered.
  • Between Island tenants I had baseboard put down in the house. I offered the excess to our neighbor to the east. She’s been building a small studio. This week she asked if she could pick it up!!! I know, odd thing to get excited about, and yet it’s an additional thing going to where it will be valued.
  • Last week I asked our county why they reassessed our house value twice in 2020. Long story short… They misunderstood the scope of work a building permit had been issued for. I sent them the invoice for the improvement, and it looks like our real estate taxes will come down. And it was easy.

I think some people call this gratitude, and I am grateful for all the above.

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