Yesterday’s pickups went well. The tribal librarian and her son came and went very quickly. They were lovely people and very appreciative. The camera gear transfer took an hour and 45 minutes. Three members of the club came. They were very thorough, taught me a lot about the gear itself, and offered me what I thought was a fair price. Then they took it all. Well, they left me with things that need to remain with the enlargers in the darkroom on the Island, and they are shopping that gear for me too.

Most of the camera gear has been at our house for 4-years. The books, periodicals, and additional bits and pieces have been here for most of a year. While, as I mentioned, I’m enjoying the reclaimed space, I also feel the gears absence.

This photography club purchases photo gear from estates to make it available to their members at affordable prices. What their members don’t want/need they donate to a non-profit whose mission is to help troubled youth by teaching them photography. What the non-profit can’t use, they sell on eBay to raise funds for their program. My dad would be 100% down with this model.

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