When my parents pre-paid their cremations with the Neptune Society, mom instructed me, “If anything happens to your father or me, there are urns in the upper barn. You’ll need to retrieve them. It’s part of the contract…” Paraphrased, but the message is spot-on.

Dad passed eight-years ago tomorrow, on the mainland. Neptune was flawless in everything, including that they did not ask where the prepaid urn was. Dad was returned to us in a complimentary, no frills urn, which mom took back to the Island, and wrapped in a scarf. Kinda the same thing when mom passed. That scarf now covers both urns on the shelf behind me. So, I am left with these two ‘fancier’ urns.

My plan is to scatter their ashes this fall, when wind and tides are favorable, just outside of SF Bay. The idea of transferring their ashes into fancy urns in order to do this is, well, ridiculous. My folks would think so too.

I was able to find someone who needed an urn, and they found a second person to gift the other urn to. Another way of sharing things that others will value.

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