Spring Teases

The temp approached 55 today. We briefly discussed opening up the house… Very briefly 😂. In our region (USDA 8B) we don’t often have hard frost after 3/15 yet the forecast is mumbling about snow on Monday. Not that it would stick, if it happens.

After a year of seclusion and isolation we are eager to break out into the gardens, both here and on the Island. So far I’ve planted carrots, lettuces, mustards, mizuna, snow peas, and beets in our mainland garden. The arugula has reasserted itself!

I’m reading a book on electric fencing. This seems like a good solution for the Island garden… Deer. As much as I’d Ike to plant a vegetable garden in that space, unless my tenant wanted to harvest, it wouldn’t be worth it due to our infrequent visits. Perennial crops would work, however! The raspberry beds are still, sorta, serviceable in the garden…!

I power washed our upper deck this afternoon, the surrounding rooves, and glass railings. Heavens, it looks so much better! We discovered, in this project, that our 18-year old aluminum patio chair feet are rotting out. The rest of their structure are perfect. They need to find a home on a beach. I’m looking for four new stackable patio chairs… at 18-years, and with a lot of potential life left, they owe us nothing. Lots of great memories in those chairs!! 💜

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