Wild Mushrooms

Mom was an avid mushroom hunter. In the vast book collection some Xeroxed recipe pages were tucked into a mushroom recipe book. I looked at them earlier this week and was delighted to find that I had everything on hand to make a wild mushroom stock. Further, in this stack of papers was a recipe for leek and potato soup made from this stock! I made the stock yesterday, and will make the soup for dinner this evening.

Each recipe has notations, in someone else’s hand, as to whether they had tried it or not. Of course, I have zero knowledge if my mom tried any of the recipes, who gave them to her, or when they came into her life.

I’m excited to try the soup. I’ve been making leek and potato soup for decades using my own poultry based stock. Always wonderfully reliable. This feels a little like my mama reaching out and showing me another way to make a wonderful dish.

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