Island Trip Prep

On the 26th I head to the Island for a week and a half. We’re getting down to less urgent projects… Stella is settled. Yay!!!!! This trip I’ll be:

  • Doing a material take-off for an electrical fence around dad’s garden.
  • Mowing and weed whacking.
  • Spraying hawthorn… Carefully. I have a pesticide license and know what I’m doing. I found a jug of anti-hawthorn spray that must have been at my parent’s mainland house. It is much needed on the Island.
  • Organizing the lower barn, for real… This in part because I’m bringing up lots of shelving that will help in this endeavor.
  • Trying to sell a kiln and pottery wheel. For very little. The idea is that they find homes with people who value them. Fingers crossed.
  • Install a new door in the pump room entrance to the lower barn. It’s steel… Can’t warp! The incumbent door threatens to disintegrate if looked at askance, much less if you try to open it if the isobars are restless.
  • Exploring removing the wall between dad’s darkroom and the rest of the lower barn. There’s no structural considerations, and the darkroom space would be better used if part of the whole. Yes, I am sadden by this prospect, and I will never develop emulsion film. I will repurpose the cabinets and sinks (they are amazing!), and have someone trying to rehome the enlargers.
  • Working with my Island real estate broker to establish a new basis for the property.
  • Also relaxing by enjoying: Walking, sewing, writing, reading, and painting a raven on the wood shed.

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