Dad’s Hardware Store

The chimney guy came today to replace our badly rusted galvanized (yes, those two of words go together when the galvanized is 38-years old!) chimney chase topper. The new one is customized stainless steel and will last as long as we need it to. I am eager to see what the woodpecker think about it 😏. Anyways, my new friend, who has been to the house three times now, knocked on the door holding a short bolt. He apologetically told me he needed to go to the hardware store because their fabricator had provided the incorrect (too short) bolt. I said, “Meet me in the garage.”

He marveled at the antique card catalogue set up. I pointed out a drawer labeled, “WTF & Screws.” He laughed and I opened the drawer. Surely a sign from my dad saying, “See, SEE, there’s a reason I kept Everything!!” The first bolt we saw, on top of masses of other bolts and screws was exactly what he needed! The first piece of hardware we looked at fit the corresponding nut the fabricator had sent. What are the chances?? Well given who my dad was, the chances are pretty darn high!

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