T-Minus 17-Hours

At this point on all of my Island trips, since mom went into care, I was cloaked in anxiety. At first it was an irrational little-girl background buzz of getting caught (I still have dreams that my parents discover I’ve rented out their house!), and after mom’s death I think it was the overarching stress of settling her, relatively easy, estate coupled with Stella’s shaky settling in. Oh, and all that 2020 tossed at our family. It’s a new year, the estate is down the river, Stella is, literally, a happy camper, and I feel only the slightest bit of restlessness over what I should do next. This is a huge improvement over the ‘day before leaving’ heart racing of last four-plus year’s.

The truck is loaded with all manner of shelving. Clothes, computers, food, leisure pursuits, and the pump room door will get loaded in the morning. I’m going to go sew.

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