2021 April/May Island Trip – Day 1

OK, I’m goin to start with the finish! Dinner. If you have access to Trader Joe’s, they have “Cauliflower Thins.” These are touted as a bread substitute. Make yourself little pizzas on them!! My dinner (and tomorrow’s lunch) have a pesto base, some leftover chicken breast, sliced cherry tomato, and a little Parmesan. 20 minutes in the toaster oven at 325. Heaven…

Back to the start of the day! The drive was easy despite lots of rain squalls. Windshield wipers slapping out a tempo… The minute the ferry left the dock, the sky cleared, and while the sky was dramatic after I arrived at the property, there were only a few rain drops.

Unloading the truck (pump-room door, and the shelving it’s sitting on aside) took an hour and a half. This, in part, was because I making strategic plans with each item that came out of the truck. How not to move things more than once takes some thought…

I also decided to leave the truck next to the upper barn and walk everything up to Stella. Last time I was here, the ground was a river. The last thing I wanted to do was zip up next to Stella and regret it. Walking is good. And as it turned out the water table has retreated a fair amount.

After some late lunch I spent two hours mowing. I need to line trim tomorrow, and the place looks amazing. I”m not 100% done with the mower, but mostly.

There is a lot of interest for the kiln and electric wheel! The first person expressing serious interest is a high school classmate! That feels really wonderful! We’ll meet on Wednesday or Thursday.

I hooked up the in-line water filter to Stella’s water supply. While I haven’t used a lot of water yet, what I have used doesn’t smell like sulfur! Sulfur is a common water component of well water on the Island.

I took an old galvanized garbage can, whose bottom is starting to rust out, and put all the long handled garden tool in it. This cleared six-feet of wall in the lower barn. Incremental gains! I was also able to roll the fir pit into place in the field below Stella, and then place the Adirondack chairs with it. Not only does this look sweet, but it too cleared a nice chunk of floor space in the barn!

Time for some songs around the fire!

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