2021 April/May Island Trip – Day 3

I took pictures of all the old tractor accessories and posted them yesterday on our Island social media pages, for free. There’s been quite a lot of interest, and indeed one fellow, who reminds me of my dad in some ways, wants about half of it! He took two items and will return for more. The second person today only wanted a pressure tank, that he’s going to turn into a bell (how cool!!!). Both of these guys also enjoyed adopting tools/gadgets/widgets etc of my dad’s from the upper barn. Lots of stuff found new homes today. I am thrilled. I am also somehow emotionally exhausted from the exchange. In part because they were both here for a long time, and while they were both kind and considerate humans, I don’t ‘people’ all that well these days. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the conversation, it just took a lot out of me. With my family and close friends, there is an ease and bond that makes this a non-issue.

I continued with general cleaning and sorting. Another shelving unit went up, this time in the upper barn. I found space for another old galvanized garbage can in the lower barn. This one holds extra sewer pipe and perforated drain pipe. Prior, it was outside where the wind tossed it over, even under cover. The fellow who wants so much of the antique tractor accessories, took a very old walk-behind tiller and a bucket of metal from this same area. Suddenly the space looks down right respectable 😳. Yes, there’s still a Lot of stuff under this 30’ by 10” overhang, but it looks purposeful now.

I tortured myself with a little more line trimming at the main entrance to the property. The address sign is more prominent. I worked under and on the big fir between Stella and the house. There’s still a lot of glass buried in the soil. I lopped all the dead branches I could reach without a ladder, and fished most of the fallen branches out from under the tree destine for that burn pile! And more rock to the garden…

I brought red-twig dogwood and forsythia cuttings from our mainland garden. These I stuck in the ground along the creek bed. They will make it or not.

I’ve been accumulating the next dump run: sheets of Formica, gathered broken glass from the soil, paint cans whose contents are now solid, an old printer in two pieces that is so heavy I will be lucky to get it in the truck…

There is more, and it’s time for bed. I’ve been up too late for the late two nights. 🥱

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