2021 April/May Island Trip – Day 5

Every dump run I make here hold a mix of triumph and guilt. Tossing an unusable wheel (rotting metal) with a dead tire (also rotting) on it is easy. Same with the worlds first ever printer. The Formica… I’m sure dad was outraged to see that go, hence the feelings of guilt. He can’t ground me anymore, so maybe he guilts me from heaven 😏.

I met with our AN and we now have a plan to decouple of the water systems. Going under the house is not either of our favorite things to do, and he’ll be able to do the remaining work from the outside. This will include putting a faucet in at the garden.

I pruned larger dead branches out of the lilacs and rhodies, sprinkled grass seeds in areas that need it (aka scars from putting in the utilities to Stella), and took a stab at setting up a shelving system one of my son-in-law’s gifted me. I have to start over. Always watch the YouTube video first!

In between the above I made great headway on my quilting project, and hosted my neighbor to the east for dinner. We had a lovely visit.

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