2021 April/May Island Trip – Day 6

Today was lovely, and when the sun came out full bore, it was hot. Like, May decided to get serious. I spent the day enjoying:

  • Planting three lavenders, a lambs ear and a deer fern.
  • Cleaning up dead wood, generally, as I exited the woods after planting the deer fern by the creek. Mainly knocking it to the ground where it will break down faster than when hung up in trees and shrubs.
  • Noticing that the red-twig dogwood twigs (haha) I stuffed in the ground along the creek, in the meadow, are looking very happy.
  • Putting a firewood pile away, and then tossing bark (all this left over from the great alder processing a couple of months ago) at my growing burn pile. The bark and rotty logs are endless. An attitude adjustment that this might be a multi-year project kept my spirits intact in the face of more tree frass that you can shake a stick at 😂 (sorry!).
  • Indulging in thistle and hawthorn murder. The former via chemical means (not my usual MO), and the latter by loppers at ground level. I also managed to take an old cedar fence post and a steel t-post out of a particularly wet area. The old fence wire was beyond my capabilities!
  • Tossing more things on the metal recycle pile.
  • Meeting the young man who is going to take over routine week whacking.
  • Working on my quilt project, after coming to an accord with the hawthorns, of which there are hundreds more of. See attitude adjustment, above.

My DH is finally on a ferry. The ‘season’ must have arrived as the boats are starting to run late. I’ve returned Stella to her normal state (not a sewing studio), ordered sushi for dinner, and head to town to grab some groceries, pick up dinner and my sweetie.

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