April/May Island Trip – Day 7

The day started with a true farmer’s breakfast. We learned how to cook bacon in the toaster oven (thank you Google). Stella’s stove top has three burners, only one of which has temp control… the other are all or nothing. Our 1967 Airstream’s original stove offers endless temperature settings on all its burners…

We got up to a satisfying smattering of chores, none of them too taxing.:

  • We refilled one of the propane tanks, and popped into the grocery for olive oil and distilled water needed to,
  • Top off the water level in Stella’s batteries.
  • DH installed a handle on the wooden cover for the shut off to Stella’s water.
  • And and a clothes line under the lower barn overhang (!!!!).
  • And a sweet tree branch style hook that now holds all of our keys and head lamps in Stella,
  • And a hose hanger on the house… Way better than having the hose wrapped around an electrical spool… which is now a table at our fire circle.
  • We did briefly struggle through building an Elfa storage ‘solution’ in the pump room. Not a shelf, but a solution!! We got there and I spent time moving certain items to the ‘storage solution’ that would benefit from winter heat. We are thankful for this gift from our son-in-law.
  • I hung up the bird feeder( pic to follow,,,)
  • DH and I played Backgammon by the fire circle, then took a walk in our woods, and had a lovely dinner.

It was a lovely day

Yes, there is lots more… But what’s important was walking through the woods, sitting around the fire, having an incredible dinner, reminiscing about our folks, and thinking about the future.

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