2021 April/May Island Trip – Day 8

Our alarm summoned us at 4:45 this morning in order to get my DH to the red-eye ferry. I stayed in bed, dozing, until he said, “T-minus 8-minutes.” The ferry was loading cars when we arrived. That meant he would walk on after cars loaded. They let walk-on passengers load before and after vehicles.

I returned to Stella and, uncharacteristically, went back to bed. Once up, I kept working on my quilt project until ‘right-square rectangles’ started to torture me. It was bad… Until this project I’ve never made them, and they turn my brain inside-out somehow. There’s a few ways to make them, all of which I’ve tried in search of a panacea… I’ll get there.

In terms of the property, today did not have a mad list. I went down a cleaning rabbit hole in the lower barn. There’s an open cabinet, that my dad likely built, I want to replace with the darkroom cabinetry. All in time.

I had a lovely, brief, visit with my neighbor to the east, her daughter and three grandkids. After that I lit up my wee burn pile. Once it was down to campfire level, I returned to Stella and recommenced right-square rectangle torture. I finished the blocks I needed to on this trip, and will bring the quilt together later this week.

Lower half of the quilt
Here’s the top half of the quilt (and the design), minus a main focus block, in my mainland home studio. The blocks are not sewn together! The blocks across the top are now done, but not pictured. This will, of course, be more cohesive when the blocks are actually put together.

Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 88. I can see him at 88. He would have been sassy, irreverent, and humble. A combination we should all aspire to. 💜 I miss my father every day,

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