April/May 2021 Island Trip – Day 10 & Photo Album

Closing up went as expected. It’s easier each time, and there’s simply less to do this time of year. Stella even got another vacuum. I walked an accidentally cut apple blossom sprig to my eastern neighbor. Met the knife sharpener, and still got to town in time to walk to the antique/consignment shop and pick up a small check. I found some honey and bitters for my DH, and returned to the truck, then slept fitfully on the boat ride, had an uneventful drive to our local metal recycling, unloaded the truck (not as easy as loading it!), and returned home.

After dealing with the returning food, I put my feet up, but didn’t sleep. Next was to put all the quilt blocks on the design wall for the first time, and start sewing those who need it into their 4” . I’m pleased.

The main focus block is still to be made. The ‘water’ block that are askew need to be taken apart, minimally, and resewn.
Antique Tractor Parts 1 (hopefully will be gone upon my return).
Antique Tractor Parts 2 (this has been adopted).
A very small burn pile…
Bird house I painted and finished. Hung with my dad’s rope complete with carabiners!
Panoramic pic showing an area, where the big alder stand and wee burn pile were. This area hasn’t been mowed since my parent’s had sheep.
The conjoining of spaces on the land thanks to mowing. The swale is where the creek runs.
And looking from 180 degrees opposite.
4 of my new additions to the slope below Stella. Thank goodness lavender will grow in gravel!

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