Vaccine # 1!

Tomorrow late morning I receive the first poke! There is a relief in this that isn’t easy to articulate. We still need to keep our distance, wear masks, be hermits… I’m OK with all of it. It’s about joining the greater gang on the way to snuffing this virus out. No, I don’t think Covid is going away soon. There are too many people who have politicized the vaccine. ‘Mr. Gates is injecting us with chips to keep track of us” bullshit. Your phone is keeping perfect track of you for any nefarious organization that cares to track you. Mr. Gates could give a poop where you are.

So, unless you have a darn good reason to hold off getting vaccinated, please do so!! Let’s slay this beast (says the mom of a child who couldn’t finish her whooping cough series… She reacted and depends on that herd immunity).

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