Chicken Down II

Our Senior chicken has been low energy since I was last on the Island. She wasn’t egg-bound, but moving slowly, and preferring to stay in the enclosure while the other two buzzed around the garden. I made sure she had her own scratch and treats. She enjoyed hand delivered dandelion greens and bowls of fresh water. Today she woke up dead.

As I’ve mentioned previously, (my) chickens don’t go the vet. They get loving care and spoiling while with us, and hospice support when their time comes.

I buried Blanca, essentially, on the west side of the enclosure where she can forever overlook the ravine, while the other two kicked mulch over what passes for grass nearby. I’ll clean the coop and enclosure tomorrow. Seems like the right thing to do. I always reserve the right to change my mind, but the remaining sweet girls may be our last chickens for a while. I’m weary of losing beings in my life.

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