Quick May 2021 Trip – Day 1

Basically I’m coming up to mow. Aside from wasp traps for the apple trees, and one for Stella, some rice paper samples for our eastern neighbor, BBQ coals, more grass seed, and a set of juggling pins for my DH to have on the Island, this is the first trip where the truck is essentially unencumbered. I did find out that the mainland steel recycler will take the old riding mowers, so the truck may be far more encumbered when I head back to the mainland!

The ferry is just pulling in to the mainland terminal. It will disgorge its snake-like load of cars, accept all of us, and be away. More later…

After picking up RV TP, I headed to the property and took a spontaneous diversion to see Tim, who arrived a week ago. I told him I’d gotten lost on my way home. He thought this was very entertaining as we live 2-miles apart, and you can’t get to his place unless you know exactly where you’re going, and even then it can be a challenge. After a cup of tea and delightful catching up it was decided I’d return for dinner. Rather than our usual fish sacrifice he’s going to make chicken. I was very glad to see he’d installed grab handles around the few short staircases in the house, and was using them. His mobility isn’t much improved, though his pain seems better.

Once here I went through the usual unpack & setup (including putting the space heater away for the season!), and then mowed for close to 3-hours. Around the house and outbuildings first, and then started in on Stella’s meadow, which is almost halfway done. Finishing the meadow, around the apple trees, and then continuing opening those two areas up to each other are next steps.

When I arrived the ravens went bonkers. They may have been being bonkers before I got here, but I like to think they were excited to see me! Their calls sounded like laughter and they did aerial stunts 70-feet over my head.

I took the rice paper samples to my neighbor. She loves them, and loves that they were my mom’s. I have a stack an inch tall. She does indigo ink printing on rice paper, exclusively. I am delighted these will work for her! She had my knives from the sharpener. We’ll gather around Stella’s BBQ tomorrow evening for dinner.

I’m off to Tim’s.

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