Quick May 2021 Island Trip – Day 2.1

My friend begged off dinner mid-afternoon. We’re going to try and have a visit, but without a meal.

I found myself showered (😎) and footloose by 3:30. I caught up on the few accumulated dishes, wrote the prior post, and settled into President Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father.” How I wish, now, that I’d read this book during the last administration’s tyranny, if only to have his voice inside my head. You know, well constructed complete sentences. Rational thought… I’m enjoying it now!

For a number of years I participated in our state’s (and other’s) Quilt Shop Hops. One tours as many quilt shops in the state as possible, collecting patterns, and the fabric to make a quilt block from each shop for that year’s quilt. Each shop designs a block, and the fabric is created by a local state designer. Did I ever put those blocks together? Uh, no. I have all of the little kits here in Stella. They easily fit into a quilt show bag, which tucks into a drawer. Truly, the perfect ongoing project while I’m on the Island. This evening, while dinner was cooking, I got a block kit out, ironed the fabric, read the instructions (RTFM – bonus points to those of you know what that acronym stands for!), made needed cuts, lined up what needs sewing to what, and will pull it together after some breakfast tomorrow. It feels good to continue, a little, last trip’s morning quilting time!

DH and I got in three games of backgammon this evening, as we did yesterday. Our Tin Foil Hat Stella makes it challenging to play in moments. If I place the iPad as close to a window as possible, the game cooperates, with the occasional delay. Being able to connect with our evening games is very grounding for both of us. Another creature comfort of ours is music. There’s a 1999 12-volt cassette/radio/aux unit in Stella. DH found a (to me) magic device that connects this 22-year old 12-volt RV stereo to my iPhone, via Bluetooth. I’ve been listening to Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Hits for hours.

As usual, I brought way too much food, even though the fridge is almost empty. Dinner with Tim is part of this equation. Zero complaints! I cooked enough tonight for two meals, and re-plated the leftovers (I’ve mentioned what a luxury it is to have a microwave in a trailer!!) for tomorrow’s dinner. Another salad will make it complete. Maybe the avocado will be ripe 🙃.

While there’s still (always?) a lot to do here, like, it seems never ending in moments, late afternoons like this are reassuring. Obviously, I am task oriented, and result focused. Affecting, fixing, visualizing, creating, and implementing improvements on the property bring me incredible satisfaction, joy. Knocking off at 3:30 feels pretty damn good too.

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