Quick May Trip 2021 – Grass Management

I’m coming to understand that there is an order of operations, for one’s comfort, to mowing acreage when you want to do other things in a day, or days. There is no avoiding the grassy bits that get everywhere, and itch. So:

  • Wear the same clothes each time you ride the mower, and pick, shake, and otherwise remove every visible piece of grass out of them in between mow sessions. Wear a tee-shirt that covers the waistband of your jeans 😂!
  • Mow all at once in a day so you’re not doing the above twice a day, or getting lazy and dragging your grass infused self into your small living space for lunch (which will then prompt a vacuuming of said small space).
  • No mowing before 9AM. Some folks living near you are retired.
  • Shower after all mowing is done… Even if it’s been 36-hours and you’re stinky.
  • Stop 2-hours before you want to do something non-labor intensive, particularly if another human is involved. Neighbor is coming for dinner this evening. Gotta stop in time to start the BBQ, after taking that shower, after making sure I don’t grassify Stella, after putting the mower away (she needs a name!), after cleaning up the mower etc… Life in the country does not stop on a dime.
  • Appreciate your work. While it’s just mowing, it’s a lot of time, is a fire suppression measure, and the place looks remarkable.

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