What Equals Grumpy?

While feeling better today, my right hand has come down with a case of the twangs. It feels a lot like carpel tunnel, which I had in 2010. I did very little requiring any sort of dexterity or strength yesterday, and did some distinctly gruntish sort of garden work today, but only for an hour. No twangs, but I can feel it… More CBD lotion and Advil.

I continue to work on my photo project. Two things make me grumpy about it. First is all the pictures of the kids I sent to my folks over the years were left in the envelope they arrived in, often with the accompanying letter, and tossed into one of several boxes of pictures. My half-sister was smart… She sent pictures of her kids in small frames. These got put up on the mantel or a bookcase. Had I known none of the photos I was sending would even end up in a photo album, perhaps I wouldn’t have bothered. Second, the disarray of photos, pictures and slides continues to astound. It’s coming together, but I’m finding negatives that came out of the darkroom that belong to pictures that were tossed into the aforementioned boxes. And still envelopes miss-marked (or photos miss-filed), and the accompanying negatives having nothing to do with the prints. Yes, on one hand it’s cool to rebuild the photographic history, but why the complete and total lack of anything done with the pictures? “Hey Honey, let’s find that box that smell like the fireplace and look at family pictures!” Said no one ever. It’s not easy to be grumpy at your late parents, but there it is. I have zero idea where my control freak organization kick comes from.

This week I got confirmation from both my cousin and my aunt that my uncle has Alzheimer’s. Diagnosed three months ago. My mom and uncle’s parents didn’t live long enough for us to know if they would have developed the disease. There are no known other cases on either side of their family. Again, life span could be part of that, yet today there are two family members in their 80’s doing just fine (one in FL and one in Toronto). If there’s an up-side to this, it’s that my uncle accepts his diagnosis, and the care of his wife. He’s generally not an angry human, which will help matters. So, yeah, this is grumpy making too.

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