Letter to a Dead Friend

Dear Bud,

The friends you introduced to me all those years ago, at that long-closed music venue… The ones who got married, and were such an amazing couple, with such love, such talent, and graciousness oozing from every fiber of their being, both of them, are splitting up after at least a decade of marriage. I am devastated. I love them both so much, and to know that they are struggling through this, each of them, breaks my heart. And I don’t have you anymore to call and ask if this can possibly be true, if there’s anything we can do (no, of course not), how to support them. If I am adrift, they must be devastated.

Please pause for a moment from producing all the cover bands in heaven, and sprinkle some grace on our friends. Thank you so much. Love and miss you,

One of your posse of singers.

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