Next Trip…

I’m heading to the Island early Monday morning for most of 2.5 weeks. Tomorrow I will list a number of things on the Island centric FB boards, hoping to find new homes for, again, the kiln and wheel, a built-in open cabinet, and the darkroom enlargers. If I have luck, it will clear space to move the old darkroom sinks/counter into the main part of the lower barn. This, of course, means taking out at least part of the wall between the darkroom and the bigger space. Dad built the darkroom around it’s equipment!. As I’ve mentioned before, my dad would never have considered an exit strategy for the darkroom built-ins. I dig that optimism about him!!

Our weather has been unusually hot. We are grateful for the heat pump in our studio. It runs ‘backwards’ and produces cold air. The Island is about the same temp as we are. One thing we have going for us on the property, despite the vast open meadows, if the complete lack of asphalt and concrete adding to the ambient temperature. We shall see if Stella reflects of absorbs heat 😂. She has A/C!

Usually, once off the ferry I run any needed errands in town, and then head to the property. Given the weather, I’ll do the opposite… Open Stella, open windows, deploy awnings and ceiling fans, fire up the fridge, hook up water etc (keep the food in the cooler in the truck!), then run back to town while the fridge has a chance to chill out. I’m bringing extra blue ice with me…

I’ll have to water my wee trees. The mower will be my little ATV as I carry water around the 10-acres. I’m also interested to see what the water level is on the NE side of the property. Last month it was still sopping. I feel another creek bed coming on!

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