June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 1

The overarching aspect of the day was HEAT. Stella was sitting at 95 degrees when I arrived and actually got up to 97 before beginning to cool off. Deploying her fans, windows and awnings was the first thing I did. Almost 8-hours later, with the sun off of her, and the temps dropping, she’s now 91 inside. I haven’t turned on the A/C yet. It seemed silly to do so while I was in and out, and I’m interested to see what happens with the current interventions. This afternoon’s forecast is talking about mid-70’s for the rest of my trip.

I moved pretty slow today, feeling the heat, and actually drove the truck up next to Stella to unload. The fridge took quite a while to cool down, and I’m glad I brought all the extra blue ice.

Weeds and thistles have inundated the slope below Stella’s pad, and along the edge of the pad itself. I quickly hooked up a 100’ soaker hose for the plantings on the slope, and think I’ve only lost three little heathers. They may surprise me with regular water. With cooler temps, I should be able to get the weeds under control in a few sessions. The grass is, generally, out of control again, but is looking green enough that I’ll mow. This should be the last mow until the rains return in the fall.

I popped over to my eastern neighbor, bringing her a puzzle and two pictures of her house from the 80’s. She invited me to swim in the lake with her and her grandkids later in the afternoon. We did this for 2-hours and it’s the best I’ve felt comfort-wise in three days.

The ravens are very talkative, and have a 5th member of the posse. I don’t know if it’s an offspring. I brought peanuts for them. they are used to cheese, so peanuts may be a hard sell. So far they’re turning their beaks up.

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