June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 2

I am thrilled to share that Stella was a lovely 58-degrees this morning. The promised marine layer arrived and cooled everything down. Today’s high didn’t reach 80.

The main event of the day was connecting with someone who knew my father, and adopted one of dad’s enlargers! AND, he’s going to help me sell the second enlarger, which is rare, in demand (who knew?) and has some value. He also took three small boxes of other dark room bits and pieces, and is going to scan some odd sized negatives for me.

A neighbor up the road is interested in dad’s pottery wheel, and will stop in to take a look at it when he has a chance.

Both of the above came about via Facebook networking. I am all too aware of social media pitfalls, and sometimes it can really work out.

Lots of mowing, a little weeding, a trip to town, a visit from our AN, and an initial hole cut into the wall between the dark room and main area of the lower barn rounded out the day.

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