June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 3

Just as I was getting ready to mow, my eastern neighbor texted to ask if I wanted to join her and the grandkid for some time at the beach. That’s a lot more fun than mowing! We picked up the 3 kiddos (aged 2.5 to 8) and went to a beautiful pebble beach. From there we set out to the local lighthouse along a path that the kids, even the little one, scaled with remarkable agility. On the walk back the wee one exercised his contrariness. We over estimated his stamina. My friend headed to the car with him while me and the older two went back to where we’d left the beach bag, and then joined her. A good time for sure.

After a bite of lunch, I hopped back on the mower for a couple of hours. At some point each time I mow I become very aware that I do this, create this park-like feel on the land, for my parents because they couldn’t. Yes, I do it for myself, but there’s something very soul satisfying about caring for this place for them.

Other tasks/observations/thoughts:

  • I removed another old wood fence post and rail, adding them to an ever growing future burn pile.
  • Additional weeding in the raised beds across from the house, and along Stella’s pad and slope is going well, tho my hands are tired 😂.
  • Watered the tenant’s outdoor pots.
  • Placed a 15ish gallon aluminum pot next to the fire pit. It has a lid and can hold small firewood!
  • Met the knife sharpener, who will return the knives on Friday and sharpen the mower’s blades 😁!
  • Discovered an occupied swallow nest in the overhang on the north side of the lower barn! I was sitting there for a couple of minutes and a swallow zipped passed me. That made me look up and start walking so I could see each ‘bay’ of framing. Sure enough! I’ll remove it this fall, after the babies have fledged. I also watched a paper wasp enter a nest smaller than a tennis ball. This I swatted down with a piece of lumber and then dashed into the barn. After a few minutes I exited via the large rolling door, insecticide in hand, and hit the nest. Zero signs of inhabitants.
  • The same neighbor who’s been including me with grandkid adventures is in the middle of a project where she ordered too much gravel. Our AN is helping her with the project, and took two big scoops of the gravel to Stella’s pad, which has only been ‘rocked’ to date. He spread the gravel with his trackhoe. I did the fine raking today
  • I spent some time cleaning Stella. Mainly wiping surfaces. I’m gonna bust out the vacuum tomorrow.
  • A high school acquaintance, who’s mom has dementia was going stop by after work. She was too tired, Hopefully we’ll figure something else out. If not this trip than the next. She is in a different situation than I was… She is the mama of a 16-year old and they live with her mom. She is truly a member of the sandwich generation. My heart goes out to her.

I just slid one of my fav Stella dinners in the toaster oven… Trader Joe cauliflower crust pizzas! This time: pesto, turkey, tomatos, artichoke hearts, and parmesan. It’ll be done in 1-minute!

Island Lighthouse

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