June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 5

It was an intensely physical day. All of me is tired. Ooo, and hungry. My roast cauliflower and chicken sausage (with stone ground mustard) keep distracting me from writing! In no particular order…

  • All the potential kiln adopters fell through due to power requirements. This is not surprising. It has its own 220 circuit here. Wanting to move the kiln to the upper building, where the majority of occupants are for sale or up for adoption, I hosed its wheels down with silicone spray yesterday. This helped a little. It moves like a 1000# shopping cart with 3 frozen wheels. I managed to get it out of the lower barn, and then had to stop.
  • I managed to get an upper 4×8’ piece of sheetrock removed from the larger side of the lower barn. After protecting the enlarger on the other side, I’ll break through!
  • I thwacked the second half of a hawthorn from the north side of the garden fence. Both so I can mow there, and attempt to reinstall my dad’s fish net deer fencing. The fish netting is pretty fragile, but we’ll give it a try.
  • I moved the ‘termite’ wood from the same area as the hawthorn to the fire pit. Not that we’re going to have a campfire anytime soon, but things need to go where they belong.
  • Insulation for the Stella’s skylights has been on the list since we bought her. Today I cut two pieces of foil lined foam to fit, weighted them for a couple of hours, and then popped them in above the skylight shades, foil side up. The temperature in the trailer dropped three degrees in twenty minutes. During cold weather, we’ll put the foil side down.
  • I flagged all the, now superfluous, t-posts I want our AN to pull out when he brings his trackhoe back from our eastern neighbor.
  • Finally got Stella vacuumed 😏.
  • I moved mom’s old washer from the upper to the lower barn after discovering that you can hook it up with a garden hose! There’s an appliance dolly here. I was stopped short of doing laundry after discovering that a male-male connection is needed to join the two hoses that will make this come to fruition, should the washer still work. I’ll pick up the connector tomorrow. This time of year, I can dry clothes on the line.
  • My eastern neighbor and I loaded two small cabinets of my dad’s into my truck and wheelbarrowed them to her place. Again, every time something like goes to someone who values it, my heart sings!
  • I prepped 5-wasp trapped to deploy around the fruit trees, but don’t have the energy to do it tonight. The f-ers go after the apples as they ripen. I don’t want to share my apples with wasps.
  • More weeding along Stella’s pad was accomplished. There’s a hell of a lot more to go. I may line trim it (aka weed birth control).
Beginnings of opening up the lower barn!
She worked 4.5 years ago. There’s a sink behind her that water can evacuate into.

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