June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 6

The best part of today is that my DH is here. In his usual style, he launched into the list of Honey-Do’s I had for him, and now the awning is deployed on Stella, I have hooks in the kitchen, the bird house is attached to a tree rather than swinging in the breeze, and hoses that go to a compressor that Tim bought are removed from the upper barn rafters and ready for him to take home after dinner this evening. The guy who sharpens blades not only brought back our mainland house knives, but the riding mower blades too. Our AN and his son removed the now unused t-posts. I did I find out mom’s old washer will wash but not drain. I’m not putting a dime into an appliance that old. Now I get to bail it out 😂, having run it to rinse over 5-years of dirt and dead spiders out of it. And the question of the hour is… How does a closed washing machine get so seriously grubby when the lid is kept closed?

We had a lovely dinner with Tim, even bringing up the little gate-legged table, and additional chairs to eat under the awning.

Dining Alfresco!

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