June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 9

Many, many things got done today, but the best thing was a neighbor, who did carpentry for me a few years ago, stopped by with his dad, and picked up my dad’s pottery wheel. He’s been bit by the ceramics bug, and I couldn’t be more pleased that the wheel is now in his care. 💜

Maybe second to the above was test driving my dad’s watering system in the old garden. Not only do the valves still move, but the PVC piping is tight. No leaks! At the end of the afternoon, when the sun was mostly over the hill to the west, I wrestled that second piece of sheet metal out from under the sod, and then took several shovel stomps looking for that box of cash. No such luck. The sod is back in place, sort of, and will regrow in the fall. The wasp traps are deployed, and the apples are growing nicely.

Despite weather.com’s forecast of 72 degrees, it pushed toward 80 today. I did things in the shade whenever possible, and spent time sewing in Stella after lunch.

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