June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 10

It’s been very windy all day, and instrumental in deciding that I can’t leave the awnings deployed when I/we’re not here. The only awning now open is on Stella’s protected west side. I’ve closed the roof vents to protect the actual vent lids, as they clatter in the wind (surely something that’s adjustable). The weather variability has been remarkable!

I got through the last of the cardboard boxes of items marked “look at later.” I took a few things to the upscale consignment shop, chose a few things to bring home, and repacked the rest into plastic totes. Cardboard crumbles in on itself after a surprisingly short period of time. While plastic totes aren’t impervious to rodents (yes, they chew through plastic), there’s nothing in the totes to entice a rodent, so better storage. And it was, again, like Christmas to see my parent’s ever reducing treasures.

I spent a couple hours visiting Tim, shooting the shit about a zillion things, mostly our dismay about the country’s political disarray. We are like-minded. God Bless President Uncle Joe Biden

The overreaching best part of the day, other than visiting Tim, was almost zero physical exertion. In order to access the above mentioned boxes, I had to move the desk my mom’s dad made around a little, but could do that with my hip. I am decidedly less wiped out this evening than the last two.

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