June/July 2021 Island Trip – Day 11

There is now an opening between the lower barn’s main space and the dark room! The good news is the electrical that’s in the way is ‘the end of the run’ for each circuit. This means we just have move the outlets in question to the east in each space, rather than figure out how to get the electrical up and over the new opening. The unknown news is that today for the first time, I realized my dad removed two big structural supports in the main barn space when he put in the dark room and office. At the worst, we’ll have to put in a header. It’s possible that header exists. We may have to do some additional exploratory sheetrock removal if a stud finder is inconclusive.

For the moment, a 6’ opening between the two spaces in the lower barn.
As my DH says, “Always look up!” And there I discovered the cut off (two of them) support poles for the building. The building is 30×30,’ There were only 4 of these ‘poles,’ it being a pole building, to support the roof framing for the whole structure. Before proceeding, I need to make sure these don’t need replacing 😏.

Sheetrock removal begat a truck full of sheetrock (tho I saved a couple of good pieces to repair the wall in the pump room), and other things that will go to the dump tomorrow. I enjoyed trimming dead wood off of five little firs in the woods before the mosquitos chased me out, and kept weeding Stella’s embankment. It’s still been too breezy to spray for weeds… A shower felt really wonderful!

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