Stella came with two screens. A smart 32ish” in the living room space, and a 20” in the bedroom, with a build-in DVD. They are both mounted on amazing articulating arms. We Never watch TV in the bedroom. The idea of a big screen in the living room is very attractive as a second screen for my DH when our bandwidth allows him to work here.

This last weekend we went through a somewhat frustrating exercise to see if the big screen would talk to my Mac. Each device knew the other was attached, yet the Mac wouldn’t ‘cast’ to the screen. We’re pretty sure, in the absence of a proper manual for the screen, the we were missing something! It’s possible that this screen is Mac resistant. My DH’s MSFT laptop didn’t have an HDMI port to test the big screen with. We’ll make sure to bring the right adapter next time!! The 20” screen happily mind-melded with my computer… This screen is coming home… It snags my DH every time he tries to get into bed in Stella.

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